Darren Myers served in the pastorate for 28 years. For 7 of those years, he led his church to host the PATRIOT DAY RALLY in Rolla, MO to celebrate “One Nation Under God” and honor those who defend freedom. With a high attendance of 5,000, the rally reintroduced the Founders and the principles of America’s founding to the general public. In 2015, Darren and his wife, Tammy and son, Daniel established FREEDOM FOCUS (501c3) and began to travel full-time. Through preaching, singing, multimedia presentations, and outdoor rallies, Freedom Focus is preserving liberty by presenting truth.


Now, after speaking in churches, schools, camps, colleges and civic events from California to New York, Darren and his family desire to reach the average American through a live patriotic production and museum in Branson, MO.

Darren and his family have produced the FREEDOM JOURNEY SHOW since 2017.  This theatrical presentation, filled with live music and quotes from America's founders, has been presented annually at the Americana Theatre on Hwy. 76 in Branson, MO, during the Veterans Day celebrations.  The content of this show will largely make up the content of the FREEDOM ENCOUNTER MUSEUM.

Pictures from the


Branson, MO


“Darren Myers came well prepared and captivated the congregation with the message of the Founding Fathers, the constitution and God's plan for the nations.”
-Mark Cooley, Burgess Road Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL


“One of the most patriotic functions I have had the privilege to attend. An outstanding demonstration to youth of what a great America they live in and the sacrifices so many made to make our freedom possible.”

-Woody Williams, Semper Fi and GBU, Medal of Honor Recipient, Iwo Jima

“A celebration of America’s Heritage. Events such as this serve to educate the public and bring our community together.”

-Sergeant Dan Crain, Missouri State Highway Patrol

“One of the finest events ever to come to our community. An opportunity to put politics aside and come together as Americans, celebrating our heritage and patriotism.”
-Vicki A. Brady, Columnist/Owner, The Kaleidoscope Weekly

“Wonderfully inspiring music and video presentations. It really lift’s your spirits and renews your faith in our country.”
-Ron & Linda Turner, Business Owners


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